Vol.2: JSS+ Senior Finance Leaders insights

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Through the JSS+ insight series, we will interview leading voices across various sectors to explore pertinent themes, opportunities, and market trends.

For our Senior Finance Leaders’ insights, we harness the knowledge and wealth of expertise in our networks to provide an inside look into the constantly evolving world of work. As Finance continues to broaden its reach and remit within organisations, JSS Search is dedicated to leading the conversation on forward-thinking topics to open the door for discussion on what should be at the top of the agenda for successful organisations and finance professionals.

For this segment, we interviewed Ryan Harding, Finance Director at Asda, and spoke about what makes a great finance leader, the most challenging issues in finance today, and the most important factors for attracting and retaining top talent.

Senior Finance Leaders insights – volume two:

What makes for a great Finance Leader?

A great finance leader is someone who can galvanise the function and stay one step ahead of the business. They provide opportunities and development for colleagues to flourish while ensuring the right governance is established. Working closely with key stakeholders they look for opportunities to grow, empower employees to make their own decisions and provide coaching along the way.

Are you exploring the use of new financial technology? If so, how do they benefit your business, functions, and operations?

It is important to stay on top of best practice within the marketplace and implement where possible. In our business we are fortunate to be going through a demerger and will overhaul all our systems in the coming years. This will impact all areas of the business but will provide additional benefits for personalisation, analytics and general understanding of the business and customers.

What are the most challenging issues in Finance today?

  • Market backdrop with inflationary pressures
  • Lack of clear comparable information for insightful understanding
  • Recruitment/ Retention


What factors are most important when it comes to employee retention?

  • Salary/Rewards Package
  • Development and Opportunities
  • Work-life balance/ Hybrid working