A deal-winning shortlist within 24 hours

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The challenge

A large-cap PE fund needed to carry out pre-deal due diligence on a $3bn healthcare asset based in the US. With a long list of reputable PE houses in hot pursuit of the same asset, the market for deal advisors with a truly informed perspective on the issues was fierce. The pressure was on to find the right people to deliver the crucial insights fast.

The solution

As with every deal advisory brief, we analysed what was needed to unlock the deal and took a proactive approach. We searched global platforms as well as our own networks, and outperformed other advisory vendors and expert networks. Within 24 hours we had identified knowledgeable candidates for six deal advisory roles: CFO, CPO, COO, VP of Pricing, EVP of HR and VP of Supply Chain.

The impact

The deal advisors we found added significant value throughout the due diligence process, supporting the move to bids and through committee. Our client successfully fought off its competitors and acquired the asset with a syndicate group.

Case studies

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