Surpassing expectations

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The challenge

ASOS asked us to help them find an interim Senior Finance Manager. One who’d gained impressive commercial finance skills and experience with another retailer or e-comm business. Who was the right fit for the brand. And who had the gravitas to work with senior stakeholders, including members of the executive leadership team. On top of all that, they asked us to do so within a tight budget.

The solution

We identified a great candidate who impressed ASOS at every stage of the interview process. And as well as exceptional skills and experience, she even had a very short notice period.

The impact

ASOS felt that not only could our candidate deliver in her own role, she could also add value to other projects and, at the same time, manage and mentor junior team members. Thanks to a level of ability that exceeded ASOS’ expectations, our candidate is having an even greater impact on the business than they anticipated.

Case studies

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